initiate your customers

Tell us about your customers and business story, we will craft your signature coffee blend together.

At Salon du Café, we create your own signature blends with strong personality and exceptional finish. A mirror of your business image, designed especially for the delight of your customers and coworkers, that will reflect your business’ ethos and values.


Indulge the Salon du Café experience at home and at any time. Whether it is a wide-awake coffee or an afternoon pleasure, our coffee is always a distinctive cup of flavors you should be able to enjoy everywhere.

We invite our customers with their sharp sense of taste and smell to appreciate and share our craft coffee at home. We ground and pack their preferred aroma and perfect blend on demand and we deliver to please the pure pleasure of their five senses.

Discover our selection of freshly roasted coffee beans from various countries. We offer our own roasted coffee beans in half-pound and full pound bags.